Easy ways to make money from Picoworkers

Picoworkers is an online platform for freelancers and business owners it is a platform where business owners and freelancers can meet, it can be described as an online market place which connects freelancers to business owners.

It is a unique place for freelancers to make a passive income and also for business owners to expand their business.

History of Picoworkers

Picoworkers was founded by a US based company in 2013, This is a microjob website where users can make money from.
I use Picoworkers to expand most of my business

How to register into Picoworkers

The registration into Picoworkers is very easy, all you need is a gmail and a very secure password you also need to insert your gender and birthday date when you sign up to get a $0.50 bonus, But this money cannot be withdrawn it can only be use to post a job for freelancers.

How to work on Picoworkers

With Picoworkers you can perform lot of work based on what you are skilled on, You can select category from the following and perform a job related to it

•Signing Up 

•Search Click

•Watching Youtube Videos

•Liking Facebook Page

•Following social media accounts

And if you intend on posting a job it will be related to this particular categories

What are Success Rate

In Picoworkers the amount of successful satisfied Job you perform the higher your success rate, and if you keep submitting wrong Job task you'll not be paid and your success rate will start reducing, Your success rate should not be lower than 75%, if not you will get blocked.

You need to reach a total of $5 minimum to withdraw and a task rate of 0 seconds.


On Picoworkers workers are not allowed to used VPN or open multiple accounts if not their account will get blocked and the money earned will not be withdrawn by the worker. 

Getting Paid

Requesting payment is one of the most intricate processes on Picoworkers.

The payment method includes PayPal, Litecoin and Skrill the total method takes over 2 weeks, Note that Picoworkers takes over $0.70 for charge.

For the various payment method they are various minimum payment amount.

How can I get help from Picoworkers customer service

You can contact the Picoworkers customer support at info@Picoworker.com
Click here to start signing up into Picoworkers

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